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Training course for the staff of the Theoretical-Practical Center ESTERA

Training course for the staff of the Theoretical-Practical Center ESTERA: Elaboration of the financial plan and the concept of income generating activity for the Theoretical-Practical Center “ESTERA”

The three-day course was delivered by the expert Diana Axenti Grosu in the project: “Support and assistance for the social sector in Moldova”, conducted by Caritas Czech Republic in partnership with the Public Association “Homecare”, AO.Pro Development, funded by Czech Development Agency through the Czech Development Cooperation Program.

The following topics were addressed during the training:

  • Theoretical aspects regarding the financing of the activity of the theoretical-practical center Estera
  • Analysis of the context and justification of the need for financing
  • Formulation of the purpose and specific objectives
  • Activity planning
  • Estimating project resources
  • Categories of eligible expenditure under operational programs
  • Preparation of the project budget
  • Establishing indicators
  • Risk management
  • Writing project sustainability
  • The essential elements specific to the conduct of procurement procedures
  • Completion of the public procurement section of the funding application
  • Essential elements specific to the financing contract
  • Development of funding applications, donor requirements, funding priorities, funding sources and tools used to access funds

Both theoretically and practically, the difficulties in writing funding applications, strengths and weaknesses in the written application, and the potential outcome of applying for funding were also analyzed.

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Uncategorized 22 January 2021