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HOMECARE Public Association – launches the provision of home training services for informal caregivers!

If you are caring for a person with diseases of the cardiovascular, endocrine or osteo-arctic system and do not know how to provide the necessary medical care at home, AO HOMECARE #Homecare offers you theoretical and practical training services directly at home against payment.

Informal caregiver training services are launched under the project: “Support and assistance for the social sector in Moldova”, developed by Caritas Czech Republic (Charita ve světě) in partnership with AO. Pro Development (Pro-Development) and the Public Association “Homecare”, funded by the Government of the Czech Republic through the Czech Development Agency (Česká rozvojová agentura – CzechAid, through the program “Czech Development Cooperation”

For more details and scheduling for theoretical and practical training at home, please email us at or contact us at 022 920-320.

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Uncategorized 22 January 2021