October 2017

27 octombrie, 2017




Type of assignment

Final external evaluation of a development project “Support to the development of home care services in Moldova – Southern region, 2015-2017” implemented by Caritas Czech Republic in Moldova during 2015 – 2017.

Expected duration of assignment

1 and 1/2 months: 8st November – 15th December 2017 (indicative)

Purpose of the evaluation

The final evaluation findings are expected to:

  • Evaluate achievement of specific objective and project results
  • Analyze progress, efficiency (economy), project management and organization, impact and sustainability of the project activities in relation to actual circumstances in Moldova
  • Identify deficiencies and good practices of the project – regarding the methods and tools applied
  • Provide recommendation for future actions in the field of prevention of diabetes in Moldova

Project information

Project title

“Support to the development of home care services in Moldova – Southern region, 2015-2017”

Lead Implementing Organization

Caritas Czech Republic (hereinafter: CCR)

Implementing partners

Association Home Care (hereinafter: AOHC)


Czech Development Agency


Project budget

13 308 370 CZK

2015 – 4 800 000 CZK

2016 – 4 210 570 CZK

2017 – 4 297 800 CZK

Project Period

January 2015 – December 2017(36 months)

Target groups


Informal caregivers

  • Patients´ family members – 1350 people (trained at home) + 150 (trained at seminars 100 in Ceadir Lunga and 50 in Stefan Voda ). Total: 1 500 family members.
  • Volunteers – 10 people (2 study visits), 100 people (5 trainings groups of 20 volunteers: 3 in Ceadir Lunga and 2 in Stefan Voda), 18 volunteers in both DCs (12 in Ceadir-Lunga and 6 in Stefan-Voda). Total: 128 volunteers.

Formal caregivers

  • Community service providers and other stakeholders
  • Community service providers have improved their knowledge, experience in the provision of home care services, in the education field, in medico-social organization of home care services, in collaboration with local public authorities, and in creation of partnerships, continuing to satisfy needs of suffering people. 
  • Representatives of NGOs (social assistants, social workers, nurses, managers) from Southern part of Moldova – 10 people (2 study visits), 45 persons (3 groups of 15 for trainings), 15 people (took part in quarterly meetings), 35 NGOs representatives benefitted of information regarding the development of homecare sector in Moldova.
  • Representatives of LPA (Mayors, managers of Social Assistance department, social assistants, social workers) – 10 people (2 study visits), 45 persons (3 groups of 15 for trainings).
  • State stakeholders from Ceadir Lunga and Stefan Voda and satellite villages (mayors and their representatives,  financial managers LPA and Healthcare centres, doctors, nurses, workers of community centers ) – 10 people from at least 5 institutions.
  • Non-State stakeholders from Ceadir Lunga and Stefan Voda and satellite villages (managers of local and regional NGOs, Churches representatives ) – 10 people from at least 5 institutions.
  • Representatives of civil society (volunteers, active community groups, churches, charities, foundations, social enterprises, businesess interested in development of home care services in their community ) – 40 people.
  • Patients / Home care services will be provided to 1 350 people at least. 675 in Ceadir Lunga (approx. I year – 25 patients, II year – 325 patients, III year – 325 patients) and satellite villages, 675 in Stefan Voda (approx. I year – 25 patients, II year – 325 patients, III year – 325 patients) and satellite villages).

Institutions involved:

  • Ministry of Healthcare (MoH)
  • Ministry of Labor, Social Protection and Family in the Republic of Moldova
  • NGOs from socio-medical field from entire country
  • Centers for Family Docrtors from Stefan Voda & Ceadir – Lunga
  • LPA from Stefan Voda & Ceadir – Lunga along from 16 sorrounding villages
  • Local initiative groups & churches

Project Background

CCR and AOHC have been implementing several projects aimed at developing and providing home care social service in Moldova by increasing the quality of life of the elderly people and people living with disabilities. Previously (2008 – 2015) six Medico-Social Centres were established and equipped to provide services to elderly people and people with disabilities.

The major focuses, was to increase the availability of homecare services across the country and to educate responsible medical and social personnel on reinforcing accessibility and quality of home care service in areas where it was least accessible. In light of this, the prospective project had the scope of extending services to the South-Eastern region of Moldova. Thereby, two centers have been fully renovated and equipped in order to provide much needed services to the beneficiaries. Also, it aimed to enhance professional capacity of social workers of state & non-state organizations, volunteers, patients’ relatives and representatives of NGOs.  

Special informative/trainings materials were elaborated or updated regarding the self-care, volunteerism approach as well as the catalogue of NGOs that are providing home cate services. Awareness campaign implemented within the project informed the population about availability of home care services and steps of obtaining such care from LPA.

The overall objective of the project is Improvement of quality of life of elderly and disabled people in Moldova.

The specific objective for the project is Increased access to professional and quality health and social home care services for vulnerable people in South Region of Moldova and strengthening of the homecare social and health service model.

Expected Results of the project

  • R 1 Increased capacities in provision and organization of quality home care among the social workers of state and non state organizations, volunteers, patients’ relatives, representatives of LPA, representatives of local NGOs and other key actors
  • R 2 Socio-medical community care services in towns of Ceadir – Lunga (ATU of Gagauzia) and Stefan Voda and nearby villages are expanded and available and are of a good quality
  • R 3 Consolidation of collaboration between NGOs network and state institutions in lobby and policy advocacy activities

Organizational Context

Caritas Czech Republic (CCR) is a non-governmental organization with the vision of reducing human suffering, loss of lives, and poverty, enhancing the dignity of people living in poor conditions as well as building up and strengthening solidarity and participation. The traditional fields of work for CCR are social work, health care, education and livelihoods. Besides its activities in the Czech Republic, CCR, through its department of humanitarian and development aid, provides assistance abroad, in areas affected by natural disasters, war, conflicts, or poverty, both on humanitarian and development basis.

Caritas Czech Republic has been active in Moldova since 2004. It is currently implementing development cooperation projects aimed at developing a model of home care, promoting the inclusion of children in preschool education facilities, prevention of diabetes and leisure activities for children and youth. In addition, CCR has experience in implementing projects to support children abandoned as a result of migration, supporting small business, developing agriculture and actively involving civil society in decision-making processes in Moldova.

Assignment Information

Time frame of assignment

Deadline for applications: 5th November 2017

Start of work: 8th November 2017 (preparatory work, field data collection in ATU Gagauzya (Ceadir-Lunga) and Stefan Voda / report drafting)

Submission of draft evaluation report: 6th December 2017

Feedback from CCR on the draft evaluation report: 11th December 2017

Submission of final evaluation report: 17th December 2017

Description of deliverables

Selected supplier will conduct external final evaluation of the given project and based on the findings will draft evaluation report in English.

The evaluation report shall have between 25 and 45 standard pages (1 800 characters / page). Its structure shall be as follows:

  • Summary
  • Context
  • Methodology applied
  • Findings (as per the structure below)
  • Conclusion and recommendation
  • Annexes (lists of interviewees and informants, questionnaires, photos etc.)

The evaluation shall focus mainly on the topics and questions below (the list is not exhaustive)

Progress made towards the achievement of results

  • Fulfilment of the project objectives and results against project timeframe
  • Reasons for delay in achieving project objectives and results (if applicable)

Achievement of given indicators

On the level of Results:

  • Knowledge, skills and motivation of the supported recipients to provide home care service has increased;
  • At least 1500 relatives trained (at least 80% have adequate knowledge to provide home care services;
  • At least 60% of volunteers trained (in total 100) are involved in provision of home care services by the end of project;
  • Representatives of LPA and NGO effectively participate in creation and organization of community services for people needing home care;
  • Staff of the centers, relatives, volunteers trained, gained new knowledge in homecare and they are applying the new knowledge in practice;
  • At least 80 % of direct recipients are satisfied with the quality and scope of health and social home care services;
  • 1350 beneficiaries from 2 towns and 14 villages in southern Moldova received quality home care service;
  • Improved national governmental attention to the issue of home care by inviting NGOs for consultancy at least 4 times during the project (estimation of the monetary expression of the value of each social care service at home, adjustment of medical home care costs, revision and adjustment of legal framework);
  • Home care service is recognized and promoted as an integrated medico-social service by the end of the project in the South region of Moldova;
  • Identified and got involved of at least 3 NGOs from the South in the network of AOHC.

On the level of Specific objective (by October 2017):

  • Increased availability of high-quality services among at least 40 % of potential clients in project locations by the end of the project (in the towns and their satellite villages);
  • At least 30 % of suggestion and recommendation regarding social and medical care service at home (estimation of the monetary expression of the value of each social care service at home, adjustment of medical home care costs) are adopted and approved by the government and/or other by the relevant ministries and/or by LPA by the end of the project;

Project impact on target groups and final beneficiaries

  • Impact of the project on target groups, beneficiaries, local partners and other local stakeholders
  • Impact of the project on the diabetes prevention and health sector in general


  • Efficiency of the financial resources needed to achieve the existing outputs / results
  • Efficiency of the human resources needed to achieve the existing outputs / results

Sustainability and replication prospects

  • Prospects for viability of the training materials developed by the project
  • Prospects for future application and dissemination of the knowledge gained by the project beneficiaries
  • Sustainability of the centers established by the project and its future financing from public sources

Project management and organization

  • Effectivity of the communication between CCR, project partners and other stakeholders
  • Level of local stakeholders´(including beneficiaries, government and the local partners) participation in project implementation
  • Visibility of the project and its funding (does it meet respective donors´ requirements, is it sufficient or not)
  • Arrangement and transparency of project documents (documents proving implementation of activities, achievement of results and objectives, financial documents) keeping
  • Effectiveness of CCR and AOHC internal project monitoring mechanisms (monitoring of partners´ performance, project events, measurement of impact of the trainings etc.)


  • Project design recommendations for future actions relevant to the context and needs
  • Modification / upgrade of the methods and tools relevant to the context and needs
  • Measures needed to ensure sustainability and replication prospects for future actions
  • Measures needed to ensure project benefit for the target groups and other stakeholders
  • Organizational and management changes needed to improve the project management and administration (if applicable)



  • At least 3 years of experience in evaluating development projects (verifiable list of evaluations conducted in the past required)
  • Fluency in written and spoken English; and the ability to edit texts
  • Demonstrated excellent analytical skills (evidence required)
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, and comfortable working across cultures
  • Demonstrated understanding of development sector in the field of health care (verifiable information on relevant experience required)


  • Expertise in inclusion field or social protection sector, prevention programs, educational programs in health sector
  • Experience in working in Moldova is an advantage


The evaluator will be selected on the basis of offers containing:

  • evaluation plan
  • description of experience and expertise (copies of documents proving the expertise and experience shall be attached)

The evaluation plan has to contain:

  • Description of the methodology to be applied
  • Timeframe
  • Budget of the evaluation (break down) and total price of the offer (the price cannot exceed the price stated below)
  • Proposed structure of the evaluation report

The evaluation plan will become an annex to the contract that will be concluded between CCR and the evaluator selected.

The description of experience and expertise has to include:

  • contacts to persons / institutions that can provide reference, and / or
  • copies of official documents proving the experience and expertise stated

The selection criteria will be as follows:

  • Offered price (25%)
  • Proven expertise and experience (25%)
  • Quality of the proposed methodology (50%)


Selected evaluator will be subcontracted by CCR to produce the deliverables specified above.

The evaluation report will be submitted by the end of the assigned term to the Program Manager Zuzana Hricovová zuzana.hricovova@caritas.cz

Maximum price to be paid for the delivery is 4 800 EUR.

The price agreed on will cover evaluator´s remuneration, all costs incurred by the evaluator including transportation and translation related to the assignment and all taxes and fees required by law. The price will be final and cannot be increased under any circumstances.

CCR will provide the evaluator with all information and documents it has at its disposal needed to conduct the evaluation.


Interested candidates should send their offers in English with clearly indicated Name and Surname to the following address hrccrmd@gmail.com by 5th November 2017.

Incomplete offers and offers received after the deadline will not be considered. CCR reserves the right to cancel the tender at any time. 


11 octombrie, 2017

Terms of Reference

Video Producer for Short Films

AO HOMECARE (AOHC) is seeking offers for technical assistance for producing a TV spot for its fundraising activities in sustainability of community care services provided by TPC Estera, in the frame of “Support and Assistance to the Social Sector in Moldova, 2017-2019” funded by Czech Development Agency and implemented by HOMECARE Association in cooperation with Caritas Czech Republic.


 AOHC from Moldova is a non-profit, non-governmental, apolitical, and non-commercial organization, set up on April 27th 2005 (Certificate of Registration nr.002367) with the purpose of providing service for human development and medico-social assistance, working to build a better world, especially for people from the vulnerable stratum, regardless their race, religion, age, gender, occupation or political orientation. AOHC provides consultative medical assistance in the field of internal medicine and medico-social assistance at home, and also owns the certificate of accreditation (nr. 2047), issued by the National Evaluation and Accreditation Health Council. AOHC goals and objectives are:

- To aware the public opinion about the problems of social-vulnerable people;

- To realize and protect civil, economic, social and other legal rights and liberties of elderly, children, people with special needs etc;

- To provide and promote community care services all over the territory of the Republic of Moldova;

“HOMECARE” Association is also focused on education of the responsible workers in the homecare area and strengthening of affordability and quality of homecare services; to develop and to improve organizational, professional capacities and practical skills in of NGOs’ managers, nurses and volunteers from Republic of Moldova regions.

To fulfil its work, AOHC is seeking to contract a video producer to deliver two video footages which will lead to:

·        The development and production of 2 short story videos: one of 10 minutes and another one up to 1 minute;


The films will highlight the support given by AOHC to vulnerable and needy people. The film will focus on the lives of individual people and families but will link these stories to specific activities implemented by AOHC in order to present the holistic approach AOHC undertakes to fulfill its work.

Specifically, it will focus on:

·        The individual stories attached to achievement of AOHC goals or progress towards the sustainability of Theoretical Practical Center Estera ;

·        The kind of help AOHC provided with the support of Czech Development Agency at the country level in helping to implement home care services and how has this played out in the lives of individuals and families;

·        What progress or achievement look like at the individual level and community level;

·        The audience of the final product will be the internal and external public.

Location :

Districts of Chisinau, Balti, Donduseni, Falesti, Stefan-Voda, Ceadir-Lunga, Dubasari, Cahul

Application Deadline :

17-Oct-17, 13:00 p.m.

Additional Category :

Fundraising campaign for community care services provider AO HOMECARE

Type of Contract :

Service Contract

Languages Required :

Romanian, subtitling in English  

Duration of Initial Contract :

3 months

Expected Duration of Assignment :

3 months














Objectives of the Short Movies Producing

Story Development

Research and story development for 2 videos (1 month)

·        Contacting AOHC Daily Centers, partners and stakeholders;

·        Reviewing stories, existing footage and photos;

·        Where possible, contacting potential participants and doing pre-interviews;

·        Video filming and production (2 months):

·        Production will be based on new footage and existing footage to be collected.

Responsibilities and Duties

Under the overall guidance and supervision of AOHC team and specifically PR Expert, the consultant/vendor will be responsible for the following:

·        Ensure delivery of all the end products required as stated above;

·        Ensure pre-production filming and post-production at the highest quality;

·        Contact beneficiaries on location and insure their availability and willingness to be filmed.  Details of the exact requirements will be discussed separately;

·        Film all the necessary footage requested;

·        Submit a comprehensive shortlist of the footage filmed, including translations to English from any other languages (RO, RU);

·        Ensure that all requests and instructions from AOHC and CCR are fulfilled;

·        Ensure that the correct video formats are used as requested;

·        Work with the highest professional ethical standards;

·        Ensure delivery of video material to AOHC and CCR at the end of the production;

·        Ensure that the correct video formats are used as requested;

·        Ensure that the correct technical requirements are followed as stated below;

·        Ensure infographics, photos and other uploads are done so at highest quality;

·        Ensure content is repackaged in a format suitable for AOHC social media channels;

·        Ensure that all contents follow the copyright laws.

Ensure that all deliverables/products are finalized by end of December 2017.



·        At least 7 years of proven technical experience involved in the production of short videos;

·        Have extensive experience in producing news, documentary films, TV programmes and 1 to 10 minute short format films. Proof of experience (sample videos via URLs) should be submitted with application to bid;

·        Able to produce high quality broadcast video on tight deadlines on a variety of different issues and subject matter;

·        Excellent planning and organizational skills and proven ability to meet tight deadlines;

·        Proven experience producing interactive web content;

·        Able to work effectively with AOHC teams on location;

·        Able to work in a culturally diverse environment;


·        Fluent in Romanian. Knowledge of English would be and advantage.

Technical requirements:

·        Broadcast quality HD video and audio equipment, minimum requirements of 720 p;

·        Professional sound recording at 48Khz;

·        Ability to film in 16:9 ratio;

·        Need technical specification for web content development.

Evaluation method

Interested consultants/vendors are invited to submit their bids outlining:

·        Their technical competencies to conduct the assignment, and how they will approach the work as per terms of references (TOR) in no more than 1000 words (e.g. including international experience, development experience; prior experience in working with social causes). This item will constitute 40% of the total score;

·        Financial costs for the execution of project; The financial proposal will constitute 60% of the total score.

Maximum allocated budget: 42 000 MDL

Please send your offers including CVs of staff engaged to work on this project by email to:

ao.homecare@gmail.com, zuzana.hricovova@charita.cz.

or by post to the following address before October 17 (13:00 p.m.), 2017:

AO HOMECARE, 150 Columna street, Chisinau, Tel: +373 920 320



mun. Chisinau "20" October 2017

The "Homecare" Association, IDNO 1010620003467, hereinafter referred to as the "Beneficiary", in the person of the Director of Mrs. Adasan Tamara, acting on the basis of the Statute, on the one hand, and ***, holder of identity card No A ***, issued ***, hereinafter referred to as "the Provider", on the other hand, have agreed to conclude this contract, subject to the following clauses:

I. Object of the contract

1.1. The Beneficiary orders and the Provider undertakes to perform the following works:

- Develop and create a video clip and a short movie based on the Terms of Reference attached to this contract. The films will highlight the support provided by AOHC to vulnerable and needy people. The film will focus on the lives of individual people and families but link these stories to the specific activities implemented by AOHC to present the holistic approach that AOHC is committed to fulfilling through the project "Support and Assistance to the Social Sector in Moldova, 2017 -2019 " implemented by Homecare Association in collaboration with Caritas Czech Republic and financed by the Czech Development Cooperation Program.

1.2. The term of service is set from 20.10.2017 until 31.12.2017.

II. Obligations of the parties

2.1. The Beneficiary prepares and provides the Provider with all the information and materials required to carry out the works.

2.2. The Provider ensures the content and the artistic expression and the quality of the materials.

2.3. The provider organizes the work process, starting with material collection, material processing, and final material delivery completed on CD.

2.4. The filmmaker filming service delivery and organizing events in the project and mounting video-film.

2.5. The provider shall provide the material preparation no later than 20.11.2017.

2.5. The length of the finished short film should be about 10 minutes.

2.6. The video clip duration must be up to 1 minute.

2.7. The provider is required to perform the qualitative and timely work, indicated in p. 1.2.

2.8. The beneficiary is obliged to take the work and pay in time, indicated in p. 3.2.

III. Payment

3.1. The cost of the works, executed under this contract, is set at 42,000 (forty-two thousand) lei for calculation according to the special conditions.

Special conditions: from the implementation of the technical assistance projects financed by the external donors if the international agreements to which the Republic of Moldova is a party, according to the legislation in force, on the basis of the following documents:

 - Development Cooperation Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Moldova and the Government of the Czech Republic, signed in Chisinau on 23 November 2012, ratified by Law No 9 of February 22, 2013 for the ratification of the Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Moldova and the Government of the Czech Republic on Development Cooperation Official No. 56-59 of 15.03.2013, Art. 169),

- Law no. 1593 of 26.12.2002 on the size, manner and terms of payment of the compulsory health insurance premiums,

- Law on state social insurance budget no. 329 of 23.12.2013, of the amounts received by employees of the Republic of Moldova citizens will not calculate the compulsory social insurance and health insurance premiums.

If the Provider has other income (salary or income from other work on service contracts), he undertakes to file an income tax return with the territorial tax inspectorate by March 25 of the following year.

3.2. Payment by the Beneficiary to the Contractor of the contract price is made by bank payment, on the provider account, in advance - 30%, and the remaining 70% after the delivery of the final product and their transmission to the Beneficiary on CD.

IV. Special clauses

4.1. Copyrights for the subject of this agreement are the property of the Beneficiary and may not be transferred to a third party.

4.2. The Beneficiary reserves the right to make changes to the materials in order to improve their quality.

V. The term of validity of the contract

5.1. This contract is valid from 20.10.2017 until 31.12.2017.

VI. Dispute settlement and applicable law

6.1. All disputes and disputes arising out of or in connection with this Agreement will be settled in amicable form.

6.2. If litigations can not be settled through negotiations, they shall be settled in accordance with the legislation in force by the competent courts of the Republic of Moldova.

VII. Final provisions

7.1. Any amendments and additions to this Agreement shall be valid only on condition that they are written and signed by the representatives of the parties entitled to do so in due course.

7.2. This contract has been drawn up in two copies, each for each Contracting Party, both of which have the same legal power.


"Homecare" Association

Director: ____________________




Video Producer

______________________(name, signature)


04 octombrie, 2017

CERERE DE OFERTĂ PENTRU FURNIZAREA MATERIALELOR INFORMAȚIONALE în cadrul proiectului “Prevenirea și tratamentul diabetului zaharat în Moldova” realizat de Asociația Obștească HOMECARE în colaborare cu Caritas Republica Cehă, finanţat de către Agenţia Cehă pentru Dezvoltare prin Programul Cooperare Cehă


Rugam să indicați în oferte prețul pentru o unitate în MDL.


Denumirea marfii



Tremen de executare a lucrărilor executate


Brosura B în limba romană


64 pagini color, format B5, dimensiuni 160 x 240 mm, bloc interior - hîrtie matt 135 g/m2, toate paginile color, coperta 250 g/m2 color,laminare, matt, lipire copertă cu termoclei, imprimarea denumirii pe copertă cu simboluri în relief.

In termen de 3 zile din momentul prezentarii materialelor


Brosura B RU


64 pagini color, format B5, dimensiuni 160 x 240 mm, bloc interior - hîrtie matt 135 g/m2, toate paginile color, coperta 250 g/m2 color,laminare, matt, lipire copertă cu termoclei, imprimarea denumirii pe copertă cu simboluri în relief.

In termen de 3 zile din momentul prezentarii materialelor



  • Costul total al lucrărilor din tabelul nr 1, să nu depășească 56250 MDL

  • Posibilitatea de realizare a produselor la cota 0 TVA.  

  • O singură ofertă care să includă toate produsele din cadrul prezentei cereri.

VALOAREA ŞI ACORDAREA CONTRACTULUI: Ofertele de preț vor fi evaluate pentru toate produsele împreună și contractul va fi acordat companiei care îndeplinește cerințele solicitate și ofera cu cel mai mic preț total evaluat. 

VALABILITATEA OFERTEI: Oferta dumneavoastră trebuie să fie valabilă timp de 10 zile de la data limită pentru depunerea ofertei de preț. 

PLATA: 100% din valoarea produselor achiziționate va fi efectuată în după livrarea mărfii. 

FACTURARE: Furnizorul va emite factura în baza legislației în vigoare.

CRITERIUL DE ATRIBUIRE: In conformitate cu cel mai mic preț.

Vă rugăm să prezentați ofertele pînă la data de 09 octombrie 2017, ora 12.00, la adresa:
Chișinău MD, Str. Columna nr.150,Centrul Teoretic-Practic ESTERA, în secretariat sau în cutia poștală. Orele de lucru ale CTP ESTERA: De luni pînă vineri 9.00 – 17.00, sîmbata si duminica – zile libere.

Selectarea ofertei va avea loc la data de 09 octombrie 2017. Toți aplicanții vor fi informați referitor la decizia luată.

La data de 10 octombrie 2017, AO Homecare va perfecta contractul de cumpărare/vînzare.

Pentru informații suplimentare: tel. + 22 920 320 , GSM 060204442


Director AO Homecare

Tamara Adașan 



Atelier de lucru: ”Dezvoltarea  și finanțarea durabilă a îngrijirilor medicale la domiciliu”


03 octombrie, 2017


Prin prezenta, Asociația Obștească HOMECARE vă informează că, joi, la data de 05 octombrie, 2017, va fi organizat atelierul de lucru cu genericul ”Dezvoltarea și finanțarea durabilă a îngrijirilor medicale la domiciliu”.

Întâlnirea va avea loc în sala de ședințe (etajul 2) a Ministerului Sănătății, Muncii și Protecției Sociale, str.Vasile Alecsandri 2, mun.Chisinau. Ședința va fi publică și la ea pot participa: reprezentanții ministerului, membrii Uniunii ”Rețeaua Organizații Necomerciale Prestatoare de Îngrijiri Comunitare”, agenții mass-media, jurnaliști, persoane interesate.

Atelierul va fi moderat de către vice ministrul MSMPS, d-na Liliana Iașan. Va fi pusă în discuție necesitatea ajustării costului pentru vizita de îngrijiri la domiciliu precum și vor fi abordate aspecte importante ce fac dificilă dezvoltarea serviciilor de îngrijiri la domiciliu, precum:

  • Acoperirea inechitabila a populației cu servicii de îngrijiri medico-sociale  la domiciliu;
  • Competențele reduse a prestatorilor de îngrijiri medicale la domiciliu;
  • Nerespectarea principiilor de prestare în echipă a serviciilor de îngrijiri medicale la domiciliu, fără implicarea asistentului social;
  • Lipsa criteriilor de contractare a prestatorilor și de validare a cazurilor de îngrijiri medicale la domiciliu;
  • Tariful mic al unei vizite pentru îngrijiri medicale la domiciliu care nu acoperă necesitățile reale ale beneficiarilor;
  • Accesul scăzut al categoriilor vulnerabile ale populației din regiunile rurale la serviciile medico-sociale; 
  • Mediatizarea insuficienta  a serviciilor medico-sociale  în rândul populației;
  • Definirea mecanismului de evaluare a calității serviciilor  medico-sociale la domiciliu;
  • Implicarea redusă a autorităților publice locale în dezvoltarea și monitorizarea serviciilor comunitare.

În contextul desfășurării studiului de evaluare a serviciilor  medico-sociale la  domiciliu în Republica Moldova, CIC Sociopolis va prezenta instrumentele de lucru și aplicarea acestora în teren.

Această activitate are loc în cadrul Proiectului "Sprijin și asistență  pentru sectorul social din Moldova, 2017-2019", implementat de către Asociația Obștească HOMECARE în colaborare cu Caritas Czech Republic cu suportul financiar al Republicii Cehe prin Programul ”Cooperarea Cehă de Dezvoltare”, obiectivul principal al căruia este crearea unui sistem de servicii sociale de calitate, accesibile și durabile în Moldova.


Pentru detalii suplimentare

Persoană de contact: Olga ȘEVCIUC, Manager Comunicare și PR

Tel: +373 22 920320

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Web: www.homecare.md

Acest material a fost elaborat în cadrul proiectului ,,Sprijin și asistență pentru sectorul social din Moldova, 2017-2019” implementat de către Asociația Obștească HOMECARE în colaborare cu Caritas Czech Republic cu suportul financiar al Republicii Cehe prin Programul ”Cooperarea Cehă de Dezvoltare”. Informația prezentată și opiniile exprimate în această publicaţie aparțin autorilor și nu reflectă neapărat politicile sau viziunile oficiale ale donatorului.



02 octombrie 2017



Condiții speciale:

Solicităm aparat dotat cu ecran mare ( minim 40x30 mm) și buton mare, care ar putea fi utilizat de oameni în etate cu diferite deficiențe.

Timpul de determinare a glicemiei: nu mai mult de 7-8 secunde.

Memoria minimă - 400 determinări cu indicarea datei și timpului determinărilor efectuate.

Capacitatea de a anunța rezultatul determinării cu voce tare în limba romîna sau rusă.

Capacitatea aparatului de a se include și închide automat.

Diapazonul de determinări solicitat 1.1-33.3 mMol/l (20-600 mg/dl)

Rugăm indicarea în ofertă a costului pentru următoarele mărfuri:


Bunul solicitat

Cost/ bucată


Cantitatea solicitată/bucăți

Suma totala pentru marfă (o bucată) nu trebuie să depășască MDL la 0%TVA

















Posibilitatea de livrare a mărfii la cota 0 TVA.

Suma totală pentru GLUCOMETRE să nu depășească 19 750 MDL.

Suma totală pentru TESTE să nu depășească 40 000 MDL.

Suma totală pentru LANCETE să nu depășească 7 750 MDL.

O singură ofertă care să includă toate produsele din cadrul prezentei cereri.

VALOAREA ŞI ACORDAREA CONTRACTULUI: Ofertele de preț vor fi evaluate pentru toate produsele împreună și contractul va fi acordat companiei care îndeplinește cerințele solicitate și ofera cu cel mai mic preț total evaluat.

VALABILITATEA OFERTEI: Oferta trebuie să fie valabilă timp de 10 zile de la data limită pentru depunerea ofertei de preț. 

Plata: 100% din valoarea produselor achiziționate va fi efectuată în avans. 

Facturare: Furnizorul va emite factura în baza legislației în vigoare.

Criteriul de atribuire: In conformitate cu cel mai mic preț.

Rugăm, ofertele să fie prezentate în plicuri sigilate și ștampilate pînă la 24 OCTOMBRIE 2017, ora 14.00, la adresa Chișinău, str. Columna 150, CMS ”Estera”, la secretariat sau să fie puse în cutia poștală a CMS ”Estera”. Selectarea ofertei va avea loc pe la 24 OCTOMBRIE 2017, ora 16.00. Toți aplicanții vor fi informați referitor la decizia luată.

Pe 27 OCTOMBRIE 2017, după prezentarea documentelor suplimentare solicitate de AO Homecare de la cîștigătorul ofertei, se va perfecta contractul de cumparare/vînzare.

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