December 2015

In the project Development of Home Care Services in the Northern part of Moldova, 2013-2015” funded through the program Czech Development Cooperation and implemented by Homecare Association and Caritas Czech Republic during  year 2015  in Taul village nurses served at home  128 ( 59 – primary; 5 secondary) beneficiaries and 1348 home visits counting 4215 medical procedures and 2442 social services. Social care services provided by social workers counted 3436

  • In the Medico-Social Center "ST.IULIANA" from village Taul district Donduseni there were served 111( 91 primary; 20 secondary) beneficiaries. There were made1199 visits, 5265 medical procedures and 2806 social procedures. During 2015 year in Mun.Balti nurses served at home  297 ( 95 primary; 202 secoundary) beneficiaries and 1937 home visits counting 7160 medical procedures and 4433 social services. Social care services provided by social workers counted 3157.
  • In the Medico-Social Center "REBECA" from mun.Balti there were served 362 (262 primary, 100 secoundary) beneficiaries. There were made 2782 visits, 16542 medical procedures and 8299 social procedures.

During the period of April 2013 – December 2015, within the above mentioned project has been developed an awareness campaign on home care model, and one of the outputs being a movie containing information about successful practices in the project locations and which was presented as information material and reporting material as well. The raw video material for the CD was collected starting from the first months of the project to demonstrate the impact on the communities. Currently the CD is being used as a guide of positive practices and is distributed to the relevant institutions and organizations involved in the provision of homecare services.

The movie can be downloaded  here: