December 2014

Development of home care services in Moldova through legislative changes

Caritas Czech Republic in partnership with HOMECARE Association from Moldova and with the financial support through the program Czech Development Cooperation during 2013-2015 years implements the project “Development of Home Care Services in the Northern Moldova”.

In the framework of the project, a working group consisting of representatives of non-governmental organizations that provide medical and social care was created with the purpose to revise the existing legislative framework in the area of community care and creating a platform for discussion on the home care services’ development.

In order to improve the regulatory framework for the community services’ development, during 2014 year the NGOs working group developed a series of proposals to the Ministry of Healthcare and Ministry of Labour, Social Protection and Family from Moldova (MLSPF) to solve problems and difficulties in organizing and providing medical and social services at home. Even though there were proposed more actions that have been published as well in the media, every time both ministries answered positively that they support the initiatives, still in reality the things are moving slowly but steady.

As a result of NGOs lobby, on August 25, 2014 by order of MLSPF was established an intersectorial working group to review the existing framework in the field of social home care, and on October 08, Ministry of Healthcare established by order a working group with the aim of improving people's access to health care at home, in accordance with the Development Strategy of the Healthcare System in 2008-2017.

Therefore, in November took place the first meetings in the framework of the established working groups. Together with the MLSPF were held discussion on the proposed changes for improving the legal framework in the field of social care at home, identifying the needs of community social services, by involving LPA and capacity building of active NGOs in the area of social services. As well, 4 experts from MLSPF have started discussion for working out the elaboration of a strategic plan for the Development of Home Care Service in Moldova 2015 – 2016, which will be consulted with NGOs from the homecare network and other key-actors.

The progress which is made by the Moldovan Ministry of Healthcare in the direction of medical home care services is appreciable. Since 2008, when Caritas Czech republic started working in Moldova for the development of home care sector there have been achieved high results: elaboration of accreditation criteria and mechanism for NGOs providing home care services, elaboration of home care standards, evaluation of the cost per visit and increasing it by the current year with 300%, contracting the Healthcare Insurance Company and possibility to contract NGOs for home care services provision. Still, there are other important normative documents that have to be elaborated to continue the ongoing progress.

During a series of meetings in November and December 2014 (12 Nov., 28 Nov., 12-13 Dec.), the working group created by the Ministry of Healthcare is working on the developing of a draft with performance indicators and criteria for monitoring the quality of medical home care services. If approved, in next years, this document will allow NGOs working in the sector claim to re-evaluate the cost per home care visit and obtain from the state a price closer to the real one, that will definitely permit home care providers ensure a qualitative service delivery, NGOs start being independent from external funding and sustainable through meeting the EU standards and ensuring especially to home and bed dependent people from Moldova a dignified life.

Written by Olga Șevciuc

Master in Communication & PR