November 2014

World Diabetes Day in Chisinau

14 November 2014

On the International Day of Diabetes prevention – 14 November 2014, Moldovan citizens living in Chisinau municipality could check for free the level of their glicemia and receive answers to any concerning questions related to diabetes. It is well known that diabetes and its complications can be prevented through adopting a healthy lifestyle and controlling the risk factors as obesity, endocrinologic, cardio-vascular and hepatic pathologies.


Statistics show the number of diabetic patients are in continue growth year by year. Only in Moldova there are at least 60 thousands people diagnosed with this disease. Since 2013 Charita Ceska republika and HOMECARE Association from Moldova have worked in the area of preventing the diabetes complications through the implementation of the project  “Promotion of diabetes prevention and treatment in Chisinau”. One of the most important activities within this project was the awareness and media campaign which culminated with the organization of an open public event for 350 persons in the College of Medicine and Pharmacy from Chisinau at the International Day of Diabetes. Simple citizens of different ages have been informed in through billboards, leaflets, announcements in 17 diabetes schools from policlinics, in 5 parks, shops, medical centres and pharmacies by 44 volunteers and HOMECARE Association staff about the opportunity to check their glicemia for free and join the public meeting and discuss with experts how to improve their or their family members lives.  During the whole day there were made 829 glicemia determinations by 14 nurses and medical college students. Unfortunately, the results showed that around 40% of the persons had a high or a very high level of glicemia. The public consultation consisted of two parts, presentations and discussions on the following topics: Diabetes Management; Prevention of chronic complications of diabetes. Prevention of severe and late complications of diabetes. Antidiabetic drugs for home treatment. Techniques of home care for diabetic patients; Alimentation regime in diabetes complications. There was touched and discussed the topic about the treatment of women pregnant and children who suffer of diabetes in Moldova. Participants have been very satisfied with the offered answers and provided consultations and as well thanked for being offered the opportunity to communicate on the disease which affects a great part of Moldova population.

Our success at the World Diabetes Day 2014 in Chisinau was ensured as well by a strong cooperation with Ministry of Healthcare, and involvement of international and national non-governmental organizations, pharmacies, economic agents and volunteers from churches and educational institutions. For the medial campaign there were issued articles in the national newspaper “Timpul” (“Time”), there were taken radio interviews for the radio program “Pastila de Sanatate” (Pill of Health) from the people who measured the glucose, who attended the public event, HOMECARE director and CCR representative. One TV Show at a TV Channel with national coverage will be broadcasted in December 2014.

The 14th of November day is marked internationally and aims to provide better information for people suffering from diabetes representing also a way of involving and informing the public in general – patients, who have close people suffering from this disease, health professionals and public authorities.

Written by Olga Șevciuc

Master in Communication & PR