November 2013

The International Diabetes Day

14 November 2013

The international diabetes day took part in two sections: the blood testing from 9:00 to 13:00 o'clock and the official part from 14.00 to 18.00 in the shopping MallDova.   AO Homecare had 4 testing places to determine the sugar level of residents of the city: two places in the Mayoralty, one place in the pharmacy, and another in the TPC Estera. There were also done tests by the nurses during the visits at home  for 131 patients. It total there were determined 591 of tests. Among all the tests there were identified 212 number of people with  the level of sugar much higher than norm. At the Mayoralty, there was a doctor endocrinologist who proved a consultancy to  people with in a risk group. In other places the patients were directed to the medical institutions where was provided a  consultancy for free to all people related diabetes (this was organized by the ministry of health). In total there were determined about 47000 people. Based on the testing results, the Ministry of Health will develop statistics in this field.

The second part of the event took place in the shopping MallDova and was in two parts: the first, official opening of the international diabetes days, which included the launching and presentation of the diabetes project done by His Excellence, Ambassador of the Czech Republic in Chisinau, Mr.Jaromír Kvapil, and the second one - entertaining part where all shopping mall visitors could participate at the lottery and concert. The first part started with blood testing and distribution of informational materials by the students from the medical college, who were dressed in the white t-shirt with big diabetes sign on this. At 14.00 the official opening started. There were present state officials and other stakeholders (see attached the list of guests). The speeches took about one hour. The Ambassador, of CZR, theMinister of Social protections, and Tamara Adasan were presenting our project. At the end of the presentations, both leaders of the organizational committees (Adasan/Homecare and Golovin/Prodiab) awarded certificates of recognition to all donors, private institutions, and other persons or organizations who contributed to the organization of the diabetes day and supporteddiabetes patients. The second part was formed by few events like concert with famous Moldovan singers, and lottery with prices. The questions were related to the diabetes symptoms and there were 25 prizes awarded. For the International diabetes day, there were developed several types of materials and public advertisements, which were developed by 1) Homecare AO and 2) the contracted agency. The idea was to have some materials related to the Homecare activity and to inform about the new project implemented by Caritas and Homecare and to have another set dedicated just to the Diabetes day.

During the International Diabetes day, were distributed 3000 leaflets through the pharmacy networks:
Elody, Farmacia Familie, Felicia, Hipocrates, and Geneon Rihter. There also were distribution points in all 17 medical centers, in the TPC Estera, and in the Mayoralty (where was established the blood testing point). All 250 posters were placed in all public  places which were the most populated by people, like supermarkets, open markets, and on the streets with bog concentration of  people. 2640 brochures type B were distributed at the places where the blood testing points were established and at the MallDova during the official part of the event.
2. The contracted agency developed a) billboards and b) additional booklets and c) 3 size posters and also was involved in the development of design of billboard. 26 billboards in total were developed and the share of Homecare was to transfer the money we have allocated for 10 pieces and the members of organization committee paid for the rest. This activity was a part of join actions. The booklets had information how to identify first symptoms of diabetes and a small survey for self-examination. Also, the company printed the information posters to be placed in all public places regarding the blood testing option in the municipal of Chisinau. Also, the big posters with information about the diabetes and its symptoms were distributed to people in shopping  centers. Posters and booklets were distributed via supermarket networks being placed in each shopping bag. The estimated  amount of people covered is about 100 000person. There were also printed T-shirt with diabetes sign, and badges with diabetes  sign, 2 huge banners with signs to be posted in MallDova, and also blue luminescent bracelet.

Mass-Media coverage:
There were invited more than 10 TV stations and 5 radio stations to participate at the event during the whole day. All the news  channels of Moldova included in their evening reportages interviews and video from the event (from both testing and launching). Luminita Suveica, the main expert of the project during the whole week gave several interviews about diabetes and related to these subjects. Below are the informational links with all the TV-posts: html