September 2013

  • In the framework of the project "Development of home care services in the Northern Moldova 2013-2015" financed by the Czech Development Agency and implemented by Homecare Association in Moldova in partnership with Caritas Czech Republic on Wednesday, 18 September 2013, took place two important events:
    The first one it was the official opening of Medico-Social Center "Rebeca" in Balti town. There participated with speeches His Excelence, The Ambassador of Czech Republic in Chisinau - Mr.Jaromir Kvapil, the Vice minister of Labour, Social Protection and Family - Ms.Ruxanda Glavan, Republic of Moldova Parliament Lawyer - Ms. Aurelia Grigoriu, Vice mayor of Balti CityHall- Mr.Octavian Mahu, representative of Caritas Czech Republic in Moldova - Ms.Erica Ceka and director of Homecare Association - Mrs.Tamara Adasan. Even in that day it was heavily raining, at the inauguration came many people, potential beneficiaries, volunteers and representatives of different state and non-governmental institutions, more than the hosts were expecting.
    The second event happened in the afternoon of the same day,  when it was inaugurated the Medico-Social Center "Saint Juliana" in Taul village, Donduseni county. Almost the same personalities took part at the opening of this center, including the Head of the  Directorate Primary Health Care, Ministry of Healthcare - Ms.Tatiana Zatic, Mayor of the Taul village - Mr.Mitrica Andronic and the local priest -Mr.Lucian Serdeşniuc . After the red-tape was cut anyone who was interested was invited to visit the center.
    In each center work two nurses, one social assistant, one administrator and volunteers. Every center has a car by which the nurses will go to beneficiaries residence to provide home care services or to bring patients to the center in case they need some special manipulations that can be done only within the center. The provision of medico-social care services in both centers has started immediately , the day after the inauguration. All people were very pleasantly impressed by the work that has been done and of the equipment and materials that patients will benefit by being cared in this centers and at their homes. In the same time they are very thankful to donors for being offered this kind of facility in their community that for sure will increase the life quality and life expectancy of the disabled and elderly in Balti and Donduseni.
    The events was covered in the local and national mass-media, some examples can be seen on the links below:

Other news:

  • La 26 septembrie 2013, D-ul Luitzen Faber, coordonatorul proiectului: "Ingrijiri paliative pentru cei in suferinta" a monitorizat activitățile  desfășurate în cadrul acestui proiect. La vizita de monitorizare s-a discutat despre succesele, lacunele  activităților  desfășurate în cadrul proiectului. La fel d-lui a discutat cu asistenta medicala-șefa, Dna.Sidor Maria,  despre problemele cu care se confruntă  beneficiarili și despre strânsa colaborare cu nursele din Asociația de Nursing din Moldova.
  • La  30 septembrie 2013, Dna. Adasan Tamara  a participat la Ședinta Grupului de lucru creat în cadrul Ministerului Sănătății pentru elaborarea unui proiect  de document de  politica publică  de reformare a sistemului de sănătate din Repulica Moldova în perioada 2014-2020. Ședinta a fost  prezidata de dl.Mihai Ciocanu, Viceministru al Sănătății.
  • Pe parcursul lunii septembrie a avut loc ședinta cu stafful CMS ''REBECA", or.Bălți, care a fost condusă de către coordonatorul proiectului.La această ședință s-a discutat   despre desfășurarea activitaților din cadrul centrului, despre obligațiunile fiecărui angajat. S-a analizat amanunțit pachetul de servicii medico-sociale a beneficiarilor în cadrul centrului și la domiciliu. A fost explicat detaliat  despre funcționarea și utilizarea corectă a aparatelor medicale și întregului echipament.