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The REBECA Medico-Social Center in Bălți

The REBECA Medico-Social Center in Bălți was established on September 18, 2013, by the Homecare Association as part of a project implemented in partnership with Caritas Czech Republic in Moldova and the Bălți City Hall, with financial support from the Czech Development Agency. REBECA Center was among the first medico-social centers out of a series of 12 created by Homecare. The center provides home care services for people with disabilities and the elderly. These services are provided in the location on Decebal Street or directly at the beneficiaries’ homes, following their needs. Eligible beneficiaries are registered at the social assistance directorate, and medical and rehabilitation services are provided according to family doctor prescriptions.

The center addresses a wide range of needs, including people with chronic or incurable diseases, individuals with disabilities from any group, pensioners, and lonely people who require bedridden care. Care services are granted to those affected by strokes or conditions such as osteoporosis or osteochondrosis, strictly based on the family doctor’s recommendations. The center is equipped to provide essential services to improve the quality of life for its beneficiaries.

The REBECA Medico-Social Center also offers a wide range of social services, including hygiene facilities for people with disabilities and vulnerable elderly. Beneficiaries can use the facilities to shower and wash their clothes, thereby maintaining personal hygiene and comfort. The center also provides support in nutrition, home cooking, shopping, budget management, toilet use assistance, communication, psychological support, reading books, accompanying to various institutions and events, and providing medical equipment. Access to these services requires a social assessment conducted by the center’s social worker. Registration requires recommendations from the family doctor.

In 2023, the REBECA Medico-Social Center provided medico-social care assistance for 701 beneficiaries. The work program is divided into two segments: services at the center are offered in the first part of the day, and home visits in the second part. The care team, including two people (a nurse and a social worker), can make up to three visits a day, each, ensuring the necessary care until the completion of treatment prescribed by the family doctor. The center has mobile rehabilitation technology, offering approximately 75% of the services available at the center directly at the patients’ homes. A notable aspect of the center’s organization is that each nurse manages a group of up to eight people for three months, after which the groups are reconfigured, and treatment is adjusted according to medical needs.

Elena Adașan, the director of the center, emphasizes the importance of home services, which also involve the administration of physiotherapeutic treatments. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the center’s team responded to calls for help without recording any cases of infection among staff, thanks to adequate equipment and exceptional professionalism.

Telemedicine (remote consultations), a service that gained popularity during the pandemic and provided by the center’s employees at home, allows patients to be consulted by highly qualified specialist doctors, part of a network developed by Homecare. Consultations are conducted through remote calls, in the presence of nurses, who oversee the prescription and monitoring of the treatment.

The center has 35 volunteers, medical college students from Bălți. Their contribution is invaluable both to the center’s staff and to the patients. These volunteers are involved in all the center’s projects, including inter-generational clubs, where the center’s team won first place in a national competition involving all 12 centers managed by the Homecare Public Association.

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